Our Story

Roots and Wings

Andreas Fetz has roots in Montana, Iowa and Germany and began globecrawling at 6 months old. Born to American Professors of German Studies, his international upbringing shaped Andreas’ love for gaining new perspectives, learning languages and appreciating the richness of different cultures- especially how people connect with food, land, art and each other. Growing roots in Seattle since 1996, Andreas became a beloved yoga instructor and then a father, the most significant role in his life. Motivated to create meaningful travel experiences for others- including his son Tavi- Andreas began developing yoga adventures in Mexico and Italy.

After 5 years of successful retreats, Andreas was inspired to share his handpicked itineraries with other yoga teachers as support and encouragement to bring their practice abroad. Andreas saw opportunity to invite other yogis who also wish to deepen their connection with their students and the world through engaging, active and mindful travel.

Co-owner Em Boardway has roots in Gig Harbor and is the pioneer academic traveling yogi in her family. Em’s curious spirit possesses a determination to explore unchartered territory and was the first in her immediate family to go to college and travel overseas. While earning a BA from Jackson School of International Studies at University of Washington, Em lived in Senegal and realized being a guest in another land and culture was the most impactful pathway for expanding awareness, humility, authentic connection, and compassion beyond anything she read in books. Welcoming the full spectrum of awe and challenge by being a vulnerable and active participant while traveling has been Em’s biggest teacher and has shaped the course of her life.

Em began teaching yoga in 2007 and brought her practice to France where she led bike tours for the company Backroads. While in France she traveled to several European countries and continued to expand her awareness and appreciation for other cultures and perspectives. After “anchoring” in Seattle to dive deep into her Soma bodywork and Yoga practices, Em and Andreas met at a studio they both teach at and fell in love. Their shared passions, values and dreams have embarked them on a life of Embodied Adventures together, including performing trapeze and creating a home filled with maps, art, music and delicious meals.